matt de sousa | cinematographer | tokyo, japan


Cinematography CV

Short Film (NARRATIVE)

“Blue & Yellow” Directed by Christopher Combs (2019, in Post-Production)
"Idol" Directed by Ryushi Lindsay (2018, in Post-Production)
"3 Eggs" Directed by Kaori Deguchi (2018, in Post-Production)

Music Video

"Elegance" by Kilo Kish (USA, 2018)
"Pop: Red Bull Music Studios Tokyo Live Session" by Yourness (JP, 2018)
"Rain" by Castaway (JP, 2018)
"Sick Figures (360-degree Music Video)" by Nothing to Declare (JP, 2018)
"Are You Where You Are" by Nothing to Declare (JP, 2018)
"恋人になれたら" by Yuta Hashimoto (JP, 2018)
"If You're Gonna Lie" by Cecilia Gault (USA, 2018)
"There's Something Wrong" by The Watanabes (JP, 2018)
"How It Goes" by Brian Ishiba (JP, 2018)
"Red Bull Music Studios Tokyo Live Session" by Joy Opposites (JP, 2018)
"Let It All In" by WONK (JP) x The Love Experiment (USA) (2018)
"Groove Me" by Shunske G & The Peas (JP, 2017)
"Midnight Wanders" by Kensuke Yamamoto (JP, 2017)


"For Our Precious Days: 2019 Launch Campaign” for DHouse Japan (2019)
"In Japan, Once Is Never Enough: International Campaign for India" for Japan National Tourism Organisation (2018)
"Tokyo 2018 Promotional Video" for Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau (2018)
"Celebrating Women Drivers in Saudi Arabia" for Uber International (Tokyo shooting only, 2018)
"#DHLUnitedDelivered" for DHL/Manchester United (Tokyo shooting only, 2018)
"Fresh Foam Zante" for New Balance Japan (2018)
"Carbide Drill / Radius Cutter PV" for Mitsubishi Materials Japan (2018)
"WONK (JP) x The Love Experiment (USA) Album Release” for Sweet Soul Records (2017)


“Spartan” Directed by Anders Eklund for Rakuten (2019, in Post Production)
"Beyond Champions: Season 2, Tokyo" for ASICS (2019, in Post Production)
"A Samurai in Sau Paulo" Directed by Debora Mamber (2019, in Post Production, Tokyo shooting only)